Yesterday we checked out Sea World & I had an amazing time. Like Disney, Sea World also caters towards the travelling pet family & has their very own pet care facility. It's much cheaper, but owners are expected to play a more active role in their pups day by taking them for a walk & bringing any comforts for them. After I dropped Mya off, I went out & checked out the park. I went to the Dolphin show & Orca show which was incredible. What experinces have you had with these amazing animals? Have you seen them in a show or in the wild? Watching them play with their trainers really amazed me & made me feel like Mya & I could have a lot more fun together learning some new tricks. Next I went to the Dolphin Experience, where I got to have a more individual experience with Ariel & her trainer Tia. Tia told me a bit about Ariel & the work they do at Sea World, whilst Ariel just wanted to play, eat & have fun. Strangely she actually reminded me a lot of Mya. I then checked out the Pets Ahoy show & got to see some incredible performances by a whole range of rescue animals. Finally we had the rides & like the day before, I was super excited to go on as many roller coasters as I could. The thing that I like most about Sea World was that by simply visiting, you are putting money towards animal rescue & conservation and they really seem to practice what they preach, with a whole heap of environmental practices going on around the park. I really do hope that by having places like Sea World around, it develops a connection with our younger generations to ensure that into the future people want to protect our oceans. ... If you're in Orlando, we will be holding a meet & greet at 6:30pm on Wed 25th April 2018 at the Residence Inn at Marriott Orlando Downtown situated at 680 N Orange Ave, Orlando. We will be happy to answer any questions you might have about travelling with your pet & as usual Mya will be giving away free kisses. Be sure to let us know if you're comming in the comments below. #NoPawGetsLeftBehind .. ... @SeaWorldOrlando @Marriotthotels @VisitOrlando @visitflorida #SeaWorldShare #LoveTravels #VisitOrlando #TravelBrilliantly #Florida #LoveFL #Sponsored

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